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Atkinson’s Specialist Shuttles is just that, a shuttle service for the people of the Fraser Coast. We provide the means to get where you want to go with the confidence of knowing you are getting a great Old Fashioned Service at an Old Fashioned Price.
At Atkinson’s Specialist Shuttles you can enjoy the benefit of Door to Door Flat Rates for all your needs. Atkinson’s can be your shuttle to Medical Specialists or Cruise Transfers or even your own personal Airport shuttle.
With Atkinson’s being a Hervey Bay shuttle it allows you the flexibility to either travel between Hervey Bay and Maryborough or travel all the way to Brisbane or the Sunshine Coast. All you have to do is book and you are as good as there.


Hervey Bay – Brisbane Return
One Way
Hervey Bay – Sunshine Coast Return
One Way
Maryborough – Brisbane Return
One Way
Maryborough – Sunshine Coast Return
One Way

Specialist Appointments Must Be Booked Between 9:30am & 2:30pm to allow Efficient Transfer Convenience

Patient Transfer Subsidy Scheme


  • CM – Kawungan

    I needed to travel to Brisbane for another Specialist Medical Consultation.   Not wanting to disrupt or inconvenience my family again, not that they would have minded, I did mind!   I was considering train timetables, etc... knowing the first of the two appointments was @11am- when I discovered there was an alternative--- to either 4am start and a 9.30pm late night finish to catch the train---- or my family disrupting their plans and embarking on the weary road,  car parking  and waiting trail that is this ‘Medical Carousel’  to Brisbane There is now a choice as to how you travel, the brand new business of ‘Atkinson’s Shuttles’: run by Steve Atkinson Steve arrived at our front door at the appointed time 7am and delivered me to the City to the location of my appointment  ahead of schedule.  As with all things medical there is always room for things to change and although I did not return the same day as was planned, due to further tests and a now new appointment the next day--- Instead I was now needing to stay- changing my plans was as simple as a text or phone call, brilliant!  Steve arranged to picked me up the following day, he had another that had discovered his service and the shuttle was to do a similar run the next day, we all arrived home to Hervey Bay the next day about 4pm. I consider myself fortunate to have this new option. Just Imagine if you can---not needing to park your vehicle in the mostly full medical or hospital car parks, or alternately a minimum 17 hour trip by rail with the return rail travel. Congratulations Steve!  You saw a need- I urge others to consider the experience I have just enjoyed, so Steve can fill the need for us all. I wish this business all the success it deserves a more enjoyable, courteous, respectful person not just an excellent driver you will not find. Sincerely CM Kawungan

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